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Multiple Sessions Available
Mentoring an Apprentice Workshop

The workshop aims to prepare individuals for mentoring apprentices, focusing on sharing knowledge, providing guidance, and supporting personal development. It emphasises the mentor's role in fostering the apprentice's confidence and independence, separate from direct managerial responsibilities. The session will cover essential skills and behaviours for effective mentoring, highlighting the significance of mentoring in enhancing apprenticeship experiences and outcomes. 

Multiple Sessions Available
Apprenticeship Information, Advice and Guidance Sessions

Information Advice and Guidance sessions aim to give potential apprentices and line managers/employers key information about each apprenticeship (for example Customer Service or Team Leader/Supervisor).  The session covers the content of the apprenticeship, how it is delivered and key commitments and responsibilities, allowing potential apprentices to make an informed decision about whether that particular apprenticeship is right for them.

September 17th 2024
Women in Leadership
face to face

North Star

This workshop is about reaffirming one's leadership compass. Participants will revisit the principles of values-based leadership and engage in Reflective Practice. This session introduces DiSC Personality Profiling as a tool for gaining personal insights and encourages Blind Coaching to help develop a personal Vision Statement, assisting participants in navigating their leadership journey with clarity and direction.

October 8th - 9th 2024
Stepping up to Leadership

This workshop is tailored for those on the cusp of leadership roles and seasoned managers alike, providing an immersive experience to bolster confidence and leadership acumen. The curriculum tackles the transition challenges from team player to team manager, offering practical tools for balancing the many facets of leadership. With a focus on leadership styles, team dynamics, coaching, emotional intelligence, and strategic alignment, this workshop is an essential stepping stone for anyone looking to make their mark in leadership and management.

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