E-Track Online

E-Track Online is an electronic portfolio system (ePorfolio) designed to replace traditional paper-based methods of assessment, allowing for a more flexible and efficient learning experience.

E-Track Online enables learners and employers to view a learner’s web-based electronic portfolio enabling access to their programme 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Is an electronic resource system designed to allow access to learning content, videos and other resources to help you achieve your qualification.

This enables structured and interactive self study.
Our Moodle is linked with our E-Track ePortfolio which allows easy access to course material and resources tailored to the learner.

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Skills Builder

Is an online e-learning resource designed to allow access to Functional Skills support. Skills Builder resources support learners with English, maths and ICT.

Skills Builder resources include easy-to-use online initial assessments and assignments to enhance Functional Skills and prepare learners for their Functional Skills test. 

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CMI (Chartered Management Institute) is an accredited professional institution

CMI (Chartered Management Institute) is an accredited professional institution, providing  the highest standards in management and leadership excellence.

CMI Management Direct is an electronic portfolio (ePortfolio), which allows access to resources such as concepts, videos and materials to help you develop and achieve your qualification 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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95% had a positive impact on their career

A faster way to learn and upskill

Our short-courses are a great way to upskill yourself or your team through workshops, webinars and seminars designed to suit you and your timetable.

Remote Short Courses

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